Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the Family

Welcome to our our host players Jason Chowning, Alex Todd, and Kyle Hallock. Our kids are mighty glad you are here!

This weekend was the first homestand of the season for the 2012 Legends. On Thursday we were able to see Alex play shortstop and Jason Pitch. Friday we saw Alex again on short but on Sunday it was all 3 of our boys together... Alex on 2nd, Kyle the starting pitcher, and Jason pitching as well. How exciting!

Friday was just an awesome, awesome night. What a night!  The man of the hour was  Alex Todd, who ended the extra innings game with a walk off homer - an amazing hit! The kids were so proud of their host brother and loved meeting their other host brothers..Jason Chowning, and Kyle Hallock as well. :) P.S. thanks Jason , for refusing to autograph their foreheads like they asked :) I appreciate that! :)

Having the kids get to meet the guys after the game was so touching. We brought two neighborhood boys, neither of which had never even been to a baseball game before. They, along with my youngest son and my niece cheered hard for Alex during the game and couldn't wait to meet them all afterwards. Noah (my 10yr old) was amazed at how tall the players all seemed, and was pleased to claim that Alex and Jason even look like him, lol. He said Kyle looks more like me. Ah..the silliness of youth!

Kyle was very sweet to all of the kids, and took the time to talk to them. Jason was his usual fun loving self and later, when he realized that two of the kids didn't end up with game balls, he went inside and got a ball for each of them and he was the first to autograph the balls for them.  All of the kids had quite the story to tell when they went back to school today. One of the neighborhood boys claimed it was the greatest day of his life and he is going to be a pitcher like Kyle and Jason someday.

Now that the players are home, they are getting settled into their new places and I'm in waiting see what they need for their apartments. I was able to send home food on Thursday and Friday for each of them. I sent my homemade chocolate coca cola cake, and my lasagna casserole. I made sure to send huge portions because every minor league players usually comes attached to a little something called roommates and I wanted there to be enough to share.


  1. I am sooooo glad Alex has someone taking good care of him! My son, Austin, is his biggest fan since he was in Cooperstown! We still keep in touch, and listen to all his games in whatever city he is in! Thanks for taking care of him!

  2. Heather, you are doing such a great job! I'm Alex's Aunt "Lainey" and we miss not having him near. Knowing that he has someone taking such good care of him is warming to our hearts. Hopefully we can make it to see Alex this season and get the pleasure of meeting you.

  3. Heather! What a fantastic site! My sister-in-law...Lainey just told me about it. Thank you for looking out for Alex and cheering him on. Being so far from home, I know he truely appreciates all you and your family do for him. Thank you from his dad, Dave and I for being such a wonderful host mom!

  4. I'm honored to be his host mama Mrs Todd :) I'm glad you enjoy my site. Please come back weekly for updates on the boys, see new pictures, etc. I will update it as often as possible :)

  5. Thank you Elaine and Michelle :) I appreciate your support!